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Welcome to CottonMeow Cattery!

CottonMeow Cattery is located in Alberta, Canada. We are a TICA & CFA registered cattery. We are a small cattery that breeds Ragdoll and Exotic Shorthair. All of our cats and kittens are parts of our life and our family. 


We currently have some available kittens! Ready for new home anytime! 

Available Kittens: (update 2024/04/17)
Please send us an email if interested. 

CottonMeow Ultra Shine 

AKA: Lavender 

Color: Seal Bicolor
Sire: Matteo Blue-Eyed Dream 

Dam: CottonMeow KiwiFruit
Adoption Fee: 1500 CAD
Status: Available

Lavender is our pet-quality little girl. She has unique face markings and white on her ears.  Her fur is fluffy and soft. Also, her personality is sweet and friendly.  

She is ready for new home anytime. 

Available kittens from litters in Spring 2024

(Spring kittens will be available for new home in May. Photos are coming soon.) 

Litter A:  (4 Kittens) 

-Championship Bloodline -

Parents: TICA DGC CottonMeow Matcha Tofu & Ohemgee Ella Hombre 

  • Athena: Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Girl, Pet Quality (Reserved, New Home in Toronto) 

  • Puff: Seal Lynx Point Bicolor Boy, Show Quality (Reserved, New Home in Vancouver) 

  • Aurora: Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Girl, Show Quality (Available, 3300 CAD) 

  • Andrew: Blue Lynx Point Bicolor Boy, Pet Quality (Available,  2300 CAD) 

Litter B: (3 Kittens) 

Parents: Matteo Blue-Eyed Dream & CottonMeow Jasmine 

  • Bella: Seal Lynx Point/bicolor (Under Evaluation) 

  • Bonnie: Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor (Under Evaluation) 

  • Ben: Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor, Pet Quality (Available, 1900 CAD) 

Litter C: (2 Kittens) 

Parents: Matteo Blue-Eyed Dream & CottonMeow Dakota 

  • Candy: Seal Point/Bicolor boy, Pet Quality 

  • Cream: Seal Lynx Point/Bicolor boy (Stay with us) 


Matteo Blue-Eyed Dream

Our beautiful young boy Matteo is looking for his forever home. We are looking for a quiet home without young children under 6 years old and other pets. He is only 2.5 years old. He is very sensitive for new environment and will need time to warm up. For this boy, we are asking  800 CAD.  He is now fostering with my mother in Vancouver. Must pick up in person if interested. More info upon request. Please send us an email at with a short introduction about you and your family if you are interested in this boy. 

  • All Kittens will leave us after being spayed/neutered if selling as a pet/show alter. 

  • For breeding, please send us an email. We only work with small, ethical catteries which breed to the standard (No mink, sepia, or solid). All offspring must be spayed/neutered before going to new homes. Different lines have different restrictions. Please contact us with a short introduction about you and your cattery if you are interested in our breeding rights. 

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