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2024 Litter B: Matteo & Jasmine 


Available Boy From Litter B 

  • Color: Seal Lynx Bicolor 

  • Adoption Cost: 1900 CAD 

Available Girl From Litter B ​

  • Color: Seal Lynx Bicolor 

  • Adoption Cost: 2900 CAD 

  • Maybe available for small ethical in-home cattery (more info please send me an email)



  • Ohemgee Ella Hombre (AKA: Homie) 

        Adopt cost: 800 CAD

Homie is the foundation cat of my cattery. I have kept many girls from her. She is beautiful and outgoing, and she is also the best mother. 


I hope she can have a happy retirement, so I hope she will have a quiet home without dogs and young kids (less than 6 years old). She might be good with other friendly feline friends. If you want to adopt her and you have another cat at home, please be patient to introduce her to your other cats. 

For more info, please send me an email. 

  • Matteo Blue-Eyed Dream CZ (AKA: Matteo)

Adoption cost: 500 CAD 

Matteo is our seal lynx bicolor king. He is only 2.5 years old currently. He is very handsome and produces lots of beautiful babies. He has a strong body, and a sweet personality after fully warming up.  He is very sensitive about environmental change, so he needs time to warm up.  He doesn't like to be picked up, but he will follow you when he gets relaxed in the new environment. 

He is friendly to other cats, so it's ok if there will be any other feline friends in his new home.  No young kids please since he is very strong and doesn't like to be picked up.  

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