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Ohemgee Ella Hombre 

AKA: Homie 

Color: Blue Lynx Point/ Bicolor 

Sire: Echoglen Best Kept Secret

Dam: USAPurrs No Frills 

DNA Test: 


  • HCM: -/-

  • PKD: -/-

  • PRA: -/-


  • Agouti: A/a

  • Hair Length: M1/M4

  • Dilute: +/+

  • Chocolate: -/- 

  • Cinnamon: -/-

Homie is our sweetest blue lynx point bicolor queen.  She is the best mother. Always take good care of her babies.  I have kept three of her daughters, Molly, Jas, and Dakota.  She is going to retire in the Summer of 2024. 

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